Hospitals and Clinics

There are many types of clinics. General practice and specialist clinics fall under the term clinic. Some grow into larger facilities and become associated with a medical school or hospital. In Russia, a medpunkt (medical point) provides primary health care for a rural community. Most of these clinics are run out of pickup trucks. Some are public, some are private, and some are hybrid. In any case, a clinic can be public or private.


A hospital is a large medical facility that specializes in the treatment of patients. A clinic provides services to people without insurance. In many cases, the clinics are owned by a nonprofit organization or government entity. In some cases, these organizations have their own hospitals. Some are also part of a prepaid health service plan. Some unions have set up clinics, often supported by welfare benefits provided by the employers. The United Mine Workers has set up medical clinics in coal mining areas.

Hospitals and clinics provide a range of health care services. These facilities may be nonprofit or governmental and may provide free or low-cost treatments. Some hospitals are also operated by unions that provide free or low-cost medical care. In many cases, healthcare facilities are staffed by nurse practitioners who provide ambulatory care. Most clinics are much smaller than a hospital. However, some hospitals have more sophisticated facilities that provide the same quality of care.

In some places, the word clinic is used to refer to an organization that offers health care. A hospital will generally have a pharmacy, whereas a clinic will not. In a hospital, the pharmacist will have access to a wide variety of prescription medications and may even be a member of the medical staff. In a clinic, the pharmacist will have to be part of the pharmacy and therapeutic committee. A hospital will also have beds for patients and an ambulance.

Historically, hospitals and clinics served different purposes. For example, a hospital has a funeral room. A clinic, on the other hand, is a non-hospital facility that is used for medical services. A hospital has a doctor who is not certified. Likewise, a clinic can provide a variety of services to employees. Some employers also offer a workplace clinic. A workplace clinic usually provides basic medical care and promotes healthier lifestyles.

A clinic can be independent of a hospital. Some are part of a prepaid health care plan. Some are operated by labour unions. Some hospitals are part of a hospital system. Some are run by a private company, while others are non-profit organizations. There are many different kinds of clinics. If you need a medical service, consider a multidisciplinary clinic. This way, you will be able to receive the best care possible.

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