MN Community Measurement

MN Community MeasurementThe Disparities Report presents statewide and medical group rates of performance on eight quality measures for patients in Minnesota Health Care Programs. It also includes differences in rates of care provided by medical groups between patients insured through MHCP and those insured through Other Purchasers such as commercial or Medicare-managed care. The 2007 Health Care Quality Report, MN Community Measurement’s annual report on medical group and clinic performance, also is available.

Our Community Approach

MN Community Measurement© is Minnesota’s source for information on health care quality. We all know quality health care is important, but did you know that quality can vary widely among provider groups and clinics? Today, consumers face many health care choices and MN Community Measurement has information to help make those difficult decisions. What is the best care for diabetes and who in Minnesota delivers the best results? What about asthma or high blood pressure? Our web site offers quality comparisons among provider groups and clinics. As a consumer, you can use this information to make more informed choices and discuss the results with your doctor. Provider groups and clinics across the state are also using these results to improve the care they deliver.

What is MN Community Measurement?
A new nonprofit entity dedicated to improving the quality of health care in Minnesota. The organization has three goals:

  1. Improve care and support the quality initiatives of providers and the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI).
  2. Reduce reporting-related expenses for medical groups, health plans, and regulators through more efficient and effective regulation.
  3. Communicate findings in a fair, usable and reliable way to medical groups, regulators, purchasers and consumers.

MN Community Measurement’s Mission
MN Community Measurement’s mission is to accelerate the improvement of health by publicly reporting health care information.

Who Is MN Community Measurement?
Founding members include the Minnesota Medical Association and seven non-profit Minnesota health plans: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota/Blue Plus, First Plan of Minnesota, HealthPartners, Medica, Metropolitan Health Plan, PreferredOne and UCare Minnesota. The medical association, participating medical groups, consumers, businesses and health plans are all represented on the organization’s board of directors. Data is supplied by participating health plans, along with PrimeWest Health System and South Country Health Alliance.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is Minnesota’s first health plan and it is the largest health plan based in Minnesota. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, headquartered in Chicago.
  • FirstPlan of Minnesota
    Founded in 1944, FirstPlan of Minnesota is a non-profit company providing health coverage in northeastern Minnesota through a variety of health plans. FirstPlan became an independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota in 1986.
  • HealthPartners
    Founded in 1957, HealthPartners is the largest consumer governed non-profit health care organization in the nation and is committed to improving the health of its members, patients and the community.
  • Medica
    Medica is a 1.3 million-member health insurance company headquartered in Minneapolis. The non-profit company provides health care coverage for employers, individuals and Medicaid and Medicare members in Minnesota and adjacent counties in Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • Metropolitan Health Plan
    Metropolitan Health Plan is a not-for-profit, state-certified Health Maintenance Organization established by Hennepin County in 1983. MHP serves Medicare Advantage members and Minnesota Health Care Programs enrollees living in selected Minnesota counties.
  • Minnesota Medical Association
    The MMA, representing more than 10,000 physicians, residents, and medical students, works to promote excellence in health care, ensure a healthy practice environment, and preserve the professionalism of medicine through advocacy, education, information, and leadership.
  • PreferredOne
    PreferredOne is a health benefits administration company located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, offering TPA, HMO, PPO, Health Savings Account and Individual products and services through a variety of provider networks.
  • PrimeWest Health System
    PrimeWest is a County Based Purchasing health plan serving low-income Medicaid and Medicare residents in 10 rural Minnesota counties. PrimeWest integrates publicly funded health and social services with private health care services to provide its 10,000 members with high-quality, coordinated health coverage.
  • South Country Health Alliance
    SCHA is a County Based Purchasing (CBP) organization, operated by a group of 14 counties that purchases health care services for certain residents enrolled in Medical Assistance, General Assistance Medical Care, MinnesotaCare and Medicare products. CBP presents an enhanced alternative to the fee-for-service state-purchased and operated public programs and to the Prepaid Medical Assistance Program.
  • UCare Minnesota
    UCare Minnesota, a nonprofit health plan, provides more than 120,000 Minnesotans with comprehensive health coverage and innovative services. UCare is committed to community partnerships that support and improve the health and wellness of its members.


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